Технические данные

Information About The Product To Be Filled

In which sector the machine will be used ?  Food    Medical    Cosmetics    Chemistry
Products to be filled by the machine ?
What's the viscosity of your product ?
What's the POH of your product ?
Are there any solid particules in the product ?  Yes    No  
What's the approximate particule size in mm.?
Are these particules soft or hard ?  Hard    Soft  
Is there any solvent in the product to be filled?  Yes    No  
If so, please specify ?
Are there ani other chemical and/or phisical properties of the products that iou intend to mention ?
What's the fillng temperature of the product ?
Does cold fillng cause any trouble ?  Yes    No  
Dolduracaginiz mamüllerin köpürme özelligi ne kadar ?  Yes    No  
What's the foaming property of the product ?  Non Foaming     Medium Foam    Excessive Foam 
Is the product to be filled a driing material ?  Yes    No  
If so, what's the drying period ?  One Dai    One Hour     1/2 Hour     Immediately   

Infornation About Capacity And Containers

What's the minimum and the maximum quantities to be filled ?
Number of containers to be filled per minute ?
What are the phisical propertiesot the containers to be filled ?  Plastic Bag     Glass Bottle    Glass Jar     Plastic Bottle    Tin Can    Tin Box    Plastic Jar     Bowl    Tube    Cartridge Tube       
What's the min. & max. mouth diameter of the containers to be filled ?
What's the min. & max. height of the containers to be filled ?

Information About The Production And/Or Storage Container To Be Connected To The Filling Machine

Which of the following specifies your container ?
 Picture 1     Picture 2    Picture 3     None  
What's the size of your container's discharge hole ?
Is there a compressed air facility at your factory ?  Yes     No  
If so, please specify the bar and the flow?